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Help 1 month old baby Camellia fight eye cancer

Dear Friends, 

This is really a unique situation, so please help baby Camellia. The friend of the family Svetlana Kurochkina writes:

"My friend’s family has a great misfortune! Their daughter Camellia, 1 month old, was diagnosed with retinoblastoma. This is eye cancer. The family did everything possible to take the baby for medical treatment to Germany. They are already there. The treatment costs 50,000 euros. A lot of people have responded to trouble from everywhere. The family is also supported in Germany, some people have alreadycontributed EUR 5,000 and the hospital has also provided them with a free room as it is a unique case. Camellia is the only newly born child with such a disease in the world. She is now with her parents in Berlin in clinic Charite. Please, support Camellia and let her see this beautiful world and the people who have not passed by and helped her !!!

Charitable accounts opened at office 215 of Belarusbank - Orsha, Lenina Str, 81; UNP 300460375; MFO 150801647:

- Belarusian rubles - transit account 3819382302077 for charity account 000035 in branch 215 / operating service, unlimited

- US dollars - transit account 3819382303669 for charity account 000029 in branch / operating service, unlimited

- Euro - transit account 3819382303669 for charity account 000012 in branch / operating service, unlimited

- Russian rubles - transit account 3819382303669 for charity account 000018 in branch / operating service, unlimited

Payment purpose: To be admitted to the charity account opened in the name of Kopysheva Taisiya for the treatment of Camellia Demchenko.".

Thanks a million in advance!!!

Matvei needs you support

Dear friends, 

Please, read the story of little Matvei. He is a brave fighter for his life, so let's support him:

I am a mother of three children, one of them is Matvei - a child with disabilities, he has a diffuse lesion of the midbrain, congenital heart defect (trisomy of chromosome 21), and other conditions.

In July 2014, I visited the American courses, held in Moscow on "What to do if your child has brain damage." In September we were in Philadelphia, thanks to family and friends (they bought the tickets) and all the people who donated money. Taking into consideration his diagnoses we put together a program for six months. In March 2015, we paid a second visit there. This program changes as the child achieves the certain development objectives. The cost of travel 10 000 Dollars, taking into consideration the payment of the lectures course for parents and teaching methods of the rehab, tickets, visas and accommodation.

A trip to the rehabilitation institutions Glenn Doman in Philadelphia - is not a whim, it's a chance for Matvei to restore the lost brain function. The program, in which we are engaged on a daily basis is very difficult, not every parent is ready to accept the way of life for the sake of their child, in spite of the good result. It is very difficult, but the result is fantastic.

How it happens is a mystery of nature. Our child is becoming smarter day by day, he makes us happy with his success, and this gives us the strength and confidence that everything will be fine. It is necessary to continue and not give up.


We consistently treat the main cause of Matvei’s problem - the diffuse lesion of the midbrain. Every day we undergo physical, intellectual, manual, physiological and respiratory program. The entire program is created for Matthew by experts and it became the way of life for us!

He still doesn’t speak, sensory is damaged as well as the motor skills. The possible reason why he doesn’t speak is lack of oxygen supply to the brain, as well as problems with the hearing. Only specialists of the Institute can help Matthew to achieve a good level of development, they have designed a unique technique that really helps the children with such diagnoses to develop normally. No organization here is willing to deal with such Matvei’s  problems in complex, but we of course still desire to help him as soon as possible. We see the results! Matveyushka can look after himself, he understands and tries to be helpful in the family and is actively involved in domestic affairs, he has viewed by over 3000 encyclopedic facts, read more than 400 books and passed all arithmetic tasks as the part of the intellectual program. He also started improving physically. The everyday programme consists of physical and intellectual tasks. Respiratory program consists of respiratory patterns. All this is to oxygenate the brain and to show it how to breathe correctly. We just carry a tactile and auditory stimulation. All programs are designed for the damaged areas of the brain. Brain is a muscle, which is growing in its active use.

We ask you to support us in this long marathon to raise funds needed to continue treatment that was begun! We need not only material, but also information support! Do not leave us, please!!!


Charity account is Belarus bank are to be found here

You can also find us in social networks  

And you can also help through these services: 

QIWi 79203020877 
Pay Pal for Matvei
 Yandex money
МТС +7 910 760 82 81 
 +7 968 688 41 43 
 +7 920 302 08 77 
 4276 8801 6757 4015 (Orlovskaya Elena, Matvei’s mom) 
 Rubles: R635464811669 
 Dollars: Z817935844573 
 Bel rubles: B606264298751 
 +375 29 886 44 05 
Visa Card of Belarusbank
 4266200038282604 Orlovskaya Elena (Matvei’s mom)

Thanks a million in advance!

Nikita needs rehab. Let's support him!


As you can see, there are many requests coming to us from so many families, but we are kindly asking you to take part in the fate of these wonderful little children. Your every help will become a step on the way to recovery. Here is the story of a little Nikita that requires rehabilitation. It is not expensive, but it can significantly improve the child’s health:

"Hello, my name is Oksana, I have a son - Nikita.

Nikita is 3 years old, his main diagnoses are cerebral palsy, spastic hemiplegia, post-hemorrhagic occlusive hydrocephalus (a condition after ventriculoperitoneal shunting).

 Nikita is able to talk now. But his musculoskeletal system is impaired (tight right hand, low physical activity, the left hand is active – he can take things, attempts to eat independently). While walking with support on two hands he intends to tip-toe and then step on the whole foot but with legs crossed. He can not sit for long without support, and he cannot sit down independently.

Nikita was born prematurely (30 weeks), on the 4th day he had a brain bleeding, which caused hydrocephalus. He had a surgery  at 1.6 months. For a long time Nikita was on artificial lung ventilation (about a month). He was discharged home at 2 months with psychomotor retardation, and then every 2 months we went for the rehabilitation to the Republican Scientific and Practical Center * Mother and Child * (4 times),  Since he was 1 year we are undergoing  on the rehabilitation courses in Minsk city center of medical rehabilitation for children with intellectual disabilities (were there 9 times), we go to the rehab centre Zhivitsa (Gomel regional Hospital), and do regular courses of massage and  physio in the community clinic, also we regularly go to the pool.

As the time goes by, the dynamics is positive, but it is very slow. We decided to take Nikita in the specialized sanatorium for children with cerebral palsy in the Czech Republic for the first course of rehabilitation treatment, which costs 4470 euros. It is not possible for us to save such an amount in 3 months, so we are asking you for your support!

Charity accounts opened in branch 511 of Belarusbank - Minsk, Dolgobrodskay st, 1; UNP 100349858; MFO 153001815:

- Belarusian Ruble - Transit account 3819382103561 for the charity account 000007 in branch  511/197,

- US Dollars - Transit account 3819382104993 for the charity account 000016 in branch  511/197,

- Euro - Transit account 3819382104993 for the charity account 000006 in branch  511/197,

- Russian Ruble - Transit account 3819382104993 for the charity account 000008 in branch  511/197.

Payment purpose: for treatment Yaroshik Nikita.

+375 29 7887709 – that’s the number that you can top up, and the family can withdraw the funds towards treatment.

Home address:

223060, Minsk region,

d. Large Trostenets, street Youth, 3/2, kv.62


MTS +375 29 7887709 mama Oksana,"

Thanks a million in advance!

Ventilator for little Timur

Dear friends,

We are asking you to help this wonderful boy:

Little Timur Zulfalievu was born a perfect child. And neither his mom nor specialists noticed anything special about him in the maternity house. But later on his mom Veronika started noticing that Tsimur doesn’t breath regular. First their doctor said it was just a flue. But then after some more check-ups he was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy Verdnig-Hoffmann type 1. The family tired various clinics to help his condition, but the child was only getting worse. Now he needs a ventilator to help him breathe.

The family has managed to collect 6333.75 euros of the required amount of 10460 euros. But they still need 4 126.25! For those who could understand a bit of Russian here is their social network page, where one can see the updates!

Below, you will find the accounts to transfer funds:

JSC "Belarusbank"

Charity accounts opened in OAO 'Belarusbank' CPU 416 of the branch 413 'Belarusbank' '. Location: Novogrudok, Mitskevicha Str, 22a. UNP 500191715, 152101696 MFI:

Belarusian rubles: account number 000009

Transit account 3819382104109

Euro: account number 000003

Transit account 3819382105717

USD: account number 000017

Transit account 3819382105717

Russian Rubles: account number 000003

Transit account 3819382105717

Accounts opened in the name of Zulfalieva Veronica Y., Address: Belarus, Grodno Region, Novogrudok,  Mendeleev Str., 26B-2

Payment Purpose:  for the treatment of  Timur Zulfaliev and the purchase of medical equipment

We thank you very much in advance!

Wishing you a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

From the bottom of our hearts let us wish you a happy St.Patrick's Day!

May it be a truelly enjoyable day!!!

Special greetings to our friends, partners, volunteers from Ireland - Burren Chernobyl Project, Chernobyl Children's Trust and to everyone else! Hurray!


"Dobra tut"

Yana Kostik needs rehab

Hello dear friends!

My name is Tamara Kostyuk and I’m writing to ask you for help. I have a daughter Yana, she is 12 years old. She has cerebral palsy (CP). Right sided hemiparesis. Arachnoid cyst of the left temporal lobe, the pineal gland cyst, and some vision impairment. In October 2015 Yana had an ankle surgery. It went well, and now she needs to start rehabilitation. There is a great chance to stop atrophy of muscles of Yana’s right arm and leg. In January, Yana had a very good rehab course in a rehabilitation center Adele in Slovakia. We got help from JuniHelp Fund to pay rehabilitation. Now she needs to go for another course which costs of more than 9,000 euro, taking into account travel and accommodation expenses. Rehabilitation course lasts 24 days. But unfortunately we can’t cover the whole cost ourselves as this amount is too large for our family. Yana is the sixth child in the family - she is the youngest. We have been treating her all her life. Older children have their own families. I beg you to help my daughter improve her health and learn everything healthy children do. Yana understands everything, goes to school, but is engaged in the special program. It is difficult for her to speak properly. But with every day the speech improves and it’s easier for Yana to communicate in the classroom. She loves to be at school. There are very good teachers, and Yana always feels support of the seniors and her friends. I do not ask for immediate help. I hope there will be good people that will help us.


WMB B 209895169769

WMR R 168184997466

WMZ Z 202834818486

WME E 750612935988


00264499 - Belgazprombank

MTS number +375 29 5668683 Money from the mobile account will be transferred to the charity bank account.

Address: 211809 Tsentralnaya Str., 39 village Meretskie, Glubokskyi districkt, Vitebsk Region.



MFO code 150801648 (code 795) In favour GLUBOKOE,

acc №6111000001526 CODE 648, GLUBOKOE, REPUBLIC OF BELARUS

Savings bank "Belarusbank"
CBU № 208 of the branch 216 ОАО "АСБ БЕЛАРУСБАНК" in Glubokoye
account No. 6111000001526 code 648 UNP 300230580
Glubokoye, Kommunisticheskaya Str, 8
а, Vitebsk Region, Republic of Belarus

 - Belarusian rubles – transit account №3819382106849 for the charity account №000010 In bank service centre № 208, unlimited term

 - US dollars – transit account №3819382108922 for the charity account №000022 In bank service centre № 208, unlimited term

 - EURO – transit account №3819382108922 for the charity account №000004 In bank service centre № 208, unlimited term

Account opened in the name of Tamara Kostik for treatment and rehabilitation for Kostik Yana

Ode to Humanitarian aid load

Nota bene: some humor and not only.

"What was it Shakespeare wrote?

When icicles hang by the wall

and Dick the shepherd blows his nail

And Tom bears logs into the hall

and milk comes frozen home in pail….?

Then what happens is that trucks arrive to Dom Zara Minsk (Dobra tut office) for the collection of Humanitarian Aid sent from Ireland again by Burren Chernobyl Project.

This year we are happy to have been able to help those from Pinskthe children’s orphanage in Gorodishche, the old folks in Starye Dorogee, as well as many others.

Winter laid snow heavily about us these few days

-          birds sit brooding in the snow and (Natasha’s) nose is red and raw

and yet they turned up in their small and their large trucks, through the snows, through the freezing temperatures, to collect the much needed aid. It hit minus eighteen at some stage during the distribution and yet everything got sorted, doled out and delivered where needed.  

Shakespeare  was correct – ‘when blood be nipped and ways be foul’ - then is the time when the stalwarts of Belarus face out onto the cold and carry on  with the work, loading and collecting, shipping and counting and bringing the aid back home where it is most needed.

(With apologies to Mrs Shakespeare’s son, William!)

Well done to all!"


Sasha the only survived twin needs your help


We have just got a VERY TOUCHING letter from Shkuratov Family who are looking for support for their only child Sasha, who is one of the twins that survived after complicated pregnancy, please, read and give them a chance (there are more photos in the album, and the amount of money the family is looking for is - 35 000 EURO):

Dear friends, we'd like to share our family history with you.

In December 2012, we found out that very soon we would have twins. A sense of joy overwhelmed us, everybody shared our happiness. At the scheduled ultrasound the doctors told us that we’d have two boys. As time went on, the pregnancy was normal, the kids were growing up, and we planned a happy life of our large family. At the 26 week of pregnancy, we went on a scheduled ultrasound, along with the husband, the doctor who did the ultrasound, asked for permission for the students to present, as we had twins, so we did not mind. The ultrasound told us that our boys were ok, all organs were formed and weight was normal. The doctor showed the face of one of the twins, saying that the second one was shy and turned away. Our happiness was enormous. In July at the planned check up with the gynecologist we did a CTG that said all was well and so we were scheduled for the next ultrasound at the 32nd week. We will never forget this day. At the ultrasound check we were told that one of our kids died at the 21st week of pregnancy, and the second would be born with congenital abnormalities as he spent a long time together with the dead baby. July 9 at 12.33 our Sasha was born. Since that day we are fighting for his life so that he has a life of a normal child.

So far, we have done rehab in Brest centre "Tonus". He is constantly undergoing courses of massage at home. Starting with August we’re scheduled for the swimming pool, and a speech therapist.

After so many assessments we were told that the best thing is to try a technique Vojta, which is used in Helios Clinic, Germany. Therefore, it is there that we are hoping to get. The clinic is ready to accept us as soon as we have the necessary amount of money. We don’t have that much time to fundraise money thought as most effective treatment is before Sasha reaches the age of three.

Shkuratova Anton and Tatiana


Charity accounts  are open in branch №500 JSC «ASB Belarusbank» — Minsk, Dzerzhinskiy prospect, 69/1
UNP 100603596
MFO 153001601

- Belarusian rubles — transit account №3819382101009 for the charity account №000006 in brunch № 500/386, charity account agreement expiry date  02.05.2020
- доллары США - transit account №3819382100000 for the charity account №000019 in brunch № 500/386, charity account agreement expiry date  02.05.2020
- евро — transit account №3819382100000 for the charity account №000004 in brunch № 500/386, charity account agreement expiry date  02.05.2020
 — российские рубли — transit account №3819382100000 for the charity account №000005 in brunch № 500/386, charity account agreement expiry date  02.05.2020

Payment purpose: Fundrasing for Alexandr Shkuratov’s treatment

Million thanks for your help!

Report 2016

In 2016 the volunteers traveling through Dobra tut Charity Foundation have supported the following projects: Читать далее

Ilya can go to school with your support!


We can't leave this story, where you can become the heroes, unattended!

Please, help Ilya to go to school with his peers!

Here is his story:

Family Korenyuk from Lida is looking for your help in fundraising to pay for the rehab courses in "OLINEK" center, Warsaw for their 8-year-old child Ilya Korenyuk, as the family has not enough funds to pay for expensive rehabilitation courses, which cost 2000 euro. It’s only the father of the child that works and the mom is looking after the child.

Ilya is the second child in a family. Pregnancy was going ok. The child was born in time, with the weight of 3950g. At birth he was a perfectly healthy kid, developing well. It happened at the time of the first vaccination ...” Ilya was very yellow and I informed the doctor about it before the vaccination.”- The mom is telling Illya’s story.- “But she said that it was physiological jaundice, and that it would pass soon, and it was better to do vaccination while it was available. By the evening of the same day the temperature started to grow and the child was vomiting and eventually ended up in the intensive care unit. A CT brain scan showed a hematoma, which had to be removed. But in Lida there are no children’s neurosurgeons, and when the doctors began to call to Minsk, they were told to sort out the problem in the regional center, but in Grodno  (which is the region centre) there are also no children’s  neurosurgeons ... in Grodno emergency hospital the interns (Africans) agreed to operate, led by an neurosurgeon for adults. They conducted a brilliant operation and said that would be a pity if the child didn’t survive. By the way, the head told me "Do not worry if he doesn’t survive, because if he does, he will be just a vegetable."

 When hematologists from Minsk arrived, Illya was diagnosed with the hemorrhagic disease of the newborn, and I was told that it was the reason why the child was yellow and if we hadn’t had the vaccination, nothing would have happened. In most cases it goes on unnoticed for 2-2,5 months for the children, if there is no vaccination done. But our case was unfortunately different. But God stood by us! The child survived. Long years of rehabilitation brought very good results. The doctors cannot believe it. We were constantly going for the rehab in Grodno, Minsk, Brest, in Lithuania. We work with a great osteopath.

Ilya went to the kindergarten in three years. With great difficulty we tried to get into a regular one, but if the child has a problem, he isn’t needed.

In September 2016 Ilya is going to go to school. He just needs a little bit of work to get to the level of his peers: to develop a full function of his left hand and to fully restore the speech.

A doctor from Minsk suggested going to the rehabilitation center in Warsaw. The method they use there is called the "Tomatis" and it is very effective. But the child must have 3 courses with an interval of 4-6 weeks. The cost of the course is about 2 000 euros.

We have never ever asked for, having coped on our own. But now for now it’s is a big amount that we can’t cover ourselves, thus we are looking for your help!

Please, help Ilya to have a pretty normal life around his peers!

We than you so much in advance!!!”

Sincerely, Korenyuk family

Phone No: +375 29-353-60-85 (Vel), +375 29-887-31-21 (MTS) Tatiana

Charity account: number 000078 JSC "Belarusbank" branch 413/07 Lida, Sovetskaya Street, 17. branch code 696.

Transit account No 3819382104109.  Currency code  974.

This is only the beginning

Some of our Irish volunteers are not afraid even of the severest frosts and are glad to come to our children anytime. We are very happy to share the lovely memories of a new group that has just recently come back from Gorodische after 2 week's visit this January:

The rumours had cornered us with anxiety and apprehension. Expectations of hungry children tarnished by their grim environment had suppressed our excitement to a feeling of vulnerability.

Upon arrival, we were exposed to the stern nature of the airport staff, the stiffening cold, a language that seemed nonsensical and currency ridiculed by a crumbled economy. We now felt more vulnerable than ever.

Arrival into the country required the endurance of a gruelling inspection of all necessary documentation. Once this was complete, we met our interpreter.

This was the turnaround point. Unlike an Irish airport in the summer months, Minsk didn’t seem to have much happiness. No excited kids. No middle aged men in socks and sandles. No stressed mothers in maxi dresses. However, the warmth we were greeted with upon meeting Irena was second to none. Her caring nature radiated immediately, and suddenly we could release some of our emotional armour. The driver was equally as welcoming, chuckling at our reactions to the -20 degree cold.

The drive to the orphanage lasted 2 hours. As we drove, we gradually began to appreciate the beauty of the winter wonderland through which we had the privilege of travelling. We were informed that some of the older kids were waiting up to see us.

As we took our first step out of the minivan, we saw the first faces of amazement gazing out of a window on the second floor. It was dark, and the lights were off, but the smiles and bright eyes could be seen nonetheless. There was a sudden realisation of what we were about to take part in. We were not volunteers, or workers, or anything else. We were the “Irish girls”; superstars.

For the duration of the 2 weeks that followed, what we wore didn’t matter, what we looked like didn’t matter, how we spoke didn’t matter, how much money we had didn’t matter. A smile was granted by our presence. Nothing else was necessary. It may seem that the work we done was incredibly difficult. However, your personal economy is dependant solely on what you value. These children placed enormous value in a hug. A hug to them is an iPad to most Irish children. They are wealthy, not in money, but in happiness.

We spent our days dancing, playing simple games, feeding, hugging, and sometimes just sitting with the children. The walls were covered in murals and pieces of art made by the children. The food was nutritious and plentiful. The children smiled, laughed and danced. It was so far from our expectations. Granted, it was emotionally taxing at times to feed a “child” older than oneself. 20 year olds shouldn’t be in cots, nor should they be confined to 4 walls. But for the most part, they were happy. This is what most people don’t understand; the orphanage is their world. It’s home. It’s where all their happy memories are. They are protected, fed, looked after, and spend every day with their friends who they have grown up with. There are no daunting social standards that hover over each individual, forcing them down a path governed by expectations. The perceived satisfaction the kids have within the orphanage was reinforced by Vitalek (26 years old), who when we asked if he would like to travel responded with “No, here is home”.

As I sit here in the University library, I have a camera, an iPhone and an external hard drive on my right, a laptop in front of me, and a wallet on my left. These items may contribute to some of my happiness, but I assure you there are far brighter smiles in Gorodische right now.

If anyone has ever considered doing something like this, I really do encourage you to do so. This was a life changing experience for those of us that travelled. It won’t be the last we see of Gorodische; this is only the beginning.

Gery McGowan

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear Friends!

Charity "Dobra tut" wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We wish you lots of happiness good health and all the best! May the new year bring you many pleasant meetings and may all your wishes come true! We would also like to thank everyone, who supperted us this year, our wonderful partners Burren Chernobyl Project and Chernobyl Children's Trust, as well as the amazing volunteers! We are sending you our love!

Always yours,

Dobra tut


Arsenyi needs your support!

Dear Friends,

We are asking you to help fundraise money to help a little boy Arsenyi Selitskyi from Grodno

His main diagnoses are CP, spastic quadriplegia, slow learning development.

Here’s what his mother writes:

“Our boy was born healthy, but on one of the first days, apparently because of the vaccination he had a blood stroke that caused major damage to the boy’s health.

Arsenyi is 4 now but he doesn’t walk, although he can crawl and has good chances to progress.

During these 4 years we have done courses of rehab in Belarus, Check Republic, and 2 courses in Chine that gave him the best push in his development. At home on a daily basis we do phycio, massage courses, horse riding. But best results of course were achieved in China. For a child that was considered to be not prospective in our country he did miraculous things like started crawling and walking with support. Also his mental development improved greatly. The clinic in China (“Angel’s children”) has invited us for the next course in March of 2016. Total amount for the 3 month course makes 13.454 dollars (if including tickets and living costs it’ll come up to 15.300 dollars). Taking into consideration the rate changes we have to fundraise 10 000 dollars (as you see, we have already have some money). That’s why we apply to youto help us fundraise the rest. For an average Belarusian family this amount is unbelievable. But we do hope, there will be some good people who will support us financially and spread the information. We will appreciate every little help that will get our child closer to a better life.

All the news on how the child is getting on is to be found here

Banking details:

Charity accounts in Bank branch №400 – Grodno (Belarus), Novooktiabrskaya Str, 5; UNP 500156630; MFO 152101752:

- Belarusian rubles – transit account №3819382100034 for the charity account №000040 в отделении № 400/151, termless

- US Dollars - transit account №3819382100047 for the charity account №000188 in branch № 400/151, termless

- EURO - transit account №3819382100047 for the charity account №000014 in branch № 400/151, termless

- Russian rubles - transit account №3819382100047 for the charity account №000034 in branch № 400/151, termless

Payment purpose: for treatment of Arsenyi Selitskyi, charity account opened on his mother’s name Selitskaya Marina.

Easy Pay № 53348381


Help Vlada Scheperko

Dear friends, 

We keep getting new requests from families. 

This time we are asking you to help this lovely girl who has quite good chances! 

Here is the letter from her mother Yana:

"When Vlada was 1 year old she was diagnosed with CP. From the very childhood she undergoes rehabilitation courses in a centre. At home we also do physio and massage and horse riding. It brings results but not huge. Thus we decided to bring her to an Israel rehab centre for assessment and treatment. Vlada is a very clever child and she’d love to learn to walk independently. We would be very grateful for every help".

The family hopes that the rehab will significantly help the child! 

Total amount including travel costs, accommodation, assessment and treatment made 12 426 US dollars according to the invoice from 30.09.2015. 

The documents from the centre as well as the banking details are given as photographs.

We thank everyone for your precious support!

Hello from Summertime

And here is more lovely memories from our volunteer Ruth Byrne:

"I was so so excited to return to Belarus this year. At this stage it’s like going home, to visit friends and family . . . a very very big family!! It was my longest trip yet but it flew by. Four weeks with these amazing children and young people just isn’t enough. Each year they surprise me with unconditional love and happiness. This year was no different. I’m delighted to report that there were some huge improvements to be seen and although there were some difficult times, on a whole it was a very positive trip.

It was great to meet so many new volunteers over the few weeks, from bringing my friends out for their first (of many, hopefully!) visit to Belarus to joining forces with volunteers that travel annually and also spending time with volunteers and locals from Chernobyl Children’s Trust. I was so fortunate to travel with so many hard working volunteers who put in long days jam packed with activities for all the children. Each day we’d be up and ready to go bright and early and we’d keep going till late at night.


There was a fantastic programme of activities for the entire summer set up in Gorodishche Orphanage by some of the staff. Each day had something different from sports to concerts and trips to the lake. On the days that it was too hot to be outside we would take them to the indoor hall for games. It was brilliant to know that even if the Irish weren’t there or if we were with another group, so many of the groups were taking part in these daily activities.

We got the little ones in cots and chairs outside as much as possible for walks (and sometimes even a sneaky ice-cream!). Spending time with them away from their groups for some peace and quiet but also some much needed one on one time. Singing, playing music, doing hair and makeup, playing simple games, sensory play, bubbles, cuddles, or even holding a hand can brighten these children’s days. On cool days we were able to take some to the small gym. We took the bedbound out of their beds for massages. We had beautiful sensory play items handmade by one of the volunteers, with fairy lights, tinsel, glitter, different textures, noises and smells that all went down a treat – with the Irish as well as the children! It was great to see so many of them growing bigger and stronger and in such good form.

The teenagers and young adults were in mighty form. Thanks to the summer activity programme. We played soccer with the older boys most nights to give them some down time after working hard on the farm or on the grounds all day. We would treat them to orange juice and bread and jam too.

We went on four trips over the course of my stay;                                                                                                           Our morning at the lake was brilliant. It was about a 20 minute walk from the orphanage and we brought 30 teenagers and a picnic with us. A very tame few minutes of paddling and a light game of pass soon turned into a full blown water fight. Nobody was safe, we all got soaked. It was the most fun I’d had, to see them so utterly free and happy. J                                                                                      A very hot day led to a completely spontaneous “Can we bring them for ice-creams?”, and so we did. We brought one of the groups up to the village for an ice-cream. It sounds like nothing but it was such a treat for them, they were delighted.                                                                                                                           We travelled to a crystal factory with a group of 25 for a day. It was quite a journey but it was lovely to be able to bring them to somewhere new and interesting. The children loved it but probably loved the bottles of coke they got even more!! J It was a brilliant day out complete with our trusty picnic and ice-creams.                                                                                                                                                    We also brought a group to Baranavichi, the big town nearby. Here we brought them to the park to go on rides, the arcade and for a bite to eat. It was a brief trip but they loved getting away for a few hours.

One particularly special day for me was the 1st of September. They held a ‘Back to School Concert’ where all the children who were returning to school dressed up and looked so smart and handsome. There was music and dance, speeches, and presents for the classroom. All the teachers from the local school and who teach in the orphanage had come for it and some family members of some of the children had come too. It was very special.


I feel like my time in Cherven absolutely flew by this year. The apartment was very busy with a constant flow of volunteers to-ing and fro-ing. We crossed paths with some amazing student nurses who were travelling with Chernobyl Children’s Trust and their brilliant interpreters. While BCP was well represented with a small but mighty team!

We had long days and lots of activities here too. One of my main focuses when I go to Cherven each year is to get the children from group 5 who can walk but need assistance outside for walks and sunshine. Our three main little chaps Vlad, Alosha and Pasha would walk for hours if they could and when they got tired they’d look to be pushed in their chairs, the cheeky monkeys knowing full well we needed to get to the rest of the group! J

We spent a lot of time with group 6 taking them outside for walks in their chairs, giving massages and sensory play. There were some new faces in this group that were delighted to play and get some attention!

We spent time in the senior yard every evening playing games, colouring, dancing, you name it! It was great to see so many of them outside and enjoying the last few days of sunshine. We had great fun with them all. We were even treated to tea and biscuits one of the days. It was lovely to see the older boys so proud to be hosting. J

We took a huge group on a trip to the disco and cinema. It was a huge success, they danced their socks off and played lots of games. We watched Horton by Dr Suess in the cinema and had made up little goody bags for each of them too. We also organised for a magician to come one of the days. He did a big show in front of loads of the children. We were delighted to get so many there from most of the groups. He had tricks, music and a rabbit and bird that caused huge excitement! We got to take some of the older boys out for an afternoon. This was a real treat because they’re normally working and don’t get to take part in all the activities. We took them to a restaurant for lunch which was a first for all of them and even ordered pizza – another first and they loved it! We took them all to the lake afterward where they relaxed and had fun.

Saying goodbye never gets easier but knowing so much is being done and improved upon, year on year is comforting and encouraging and instils hope. I would like to thank everyone who made this trip so special. To our interpreters Irina, Veronica and Alena, everyone at CCT, Br. Liam, Tamara, Yuri, all the volunteers and all at BCP, thank you for all your hard work. See you all next year!

Spaceeba ~ Thank You! J


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