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The roof is up!

6 days at the end of May in Yazovki village in Cherven psycho neurological asylum were very successful.

4 lads from Ireland, co. Offaly did a fantastic job on the project – house for independent living on site of the asylum. Billy, Liam, Declan and Tony were working very hard, fast and super professional on the roof of the house that is sponsored by Edel Smith, Co. Clare. The lads continued work and made an amazing contribution to the building.

The time really flew but everyone in the asylum from the residents to the workers of the institution loved their company and their humor and a very friendly atmosphere that they brought in with them. We miss the all now, especially the two lads – Sasha and Grisha – who reside in Yazovki and who were of a great help to the volunteers.

We thank you very much again from the bottom of our hearts for the great week and a fantastic work! Looking forward to seeing you back again soon!

We thank for support by purchasing onions

Dear friends, we express our gratitude to those who helped by purchasing onions for the adult asylums’ gardens.

Today we particularly thank Natalia, Vladimir, Marianna, Katerina, Yulia!!! We appreciate your kind-heartedness and your support!

130 kg of onions that we bought with your help were distributed among the following asylums: Cherven psycho-neurological asylum, village Yazovki, Stolbtsy psycho-neurological asylum, village Kul, Svir psycho-neurological asylum.

We say big thanks again to all of you!


"For the past couple of years we have been sometimes here and sometimes back in Ireland when little ones have passed on. There are a number of little graves in Cherven and in Gorodishche that do not have a a permanent headstone over the graves of the children and we are now in the process of looking after each grave. In the past we have managed to mark every resting place with a nice cross but we may not have the funds for that now – so we are looking at a smaller but permanent stone marker. In Cherven Children’s plot where several of the children who visited Ireland over the years now lie, there are twelve small graves needing attention.

The little wooden crosses do not last very long so it would be great to have a more permanent headstone for the children.

In Gorodishche there are also four graves without a permanent headstone and we are looking at having this done over the coming months. At the moment I am investigating prices of the total cost.

Thanks to all those who have shown interest in this task and to those who have already made a donation towards the costs involved".

Liam O'Meara

Busy April

April is already gone and we are happy to share the news of the last month.

It was really busy! Several orphanages welcomed volunteers from Burren Chernobyl project and not only.

One of the Burren Chernobyl Project representatives Brian O’Sullivan visited Cherven children’s orphanage, some families in Cherven area and also took part in the Conference on social issues that took place in Minsk along with Liam O’Meara – The director of our Charity and of BCP and Simon Walsh – the director of our partner’s organization Chernobyl Children’s Trust. Brian has donated some medical stuff, some of the little bits and pieces like kettles, a blender and a microwave oven for the orphanage.

Gorodische Children’s orphanage also welcomed a group of 4 Irish volunteers that came over to Belarus for the first time. They’ve been helping with looking after the children in beds, did massage, organized sport games for the older boys and girls, organized little parties in every Unit with plenty of sweet and drinks and yogurts and fruit. They really enjoyed the time and are hoping to come back again, hopefully in autumn.

Cherven psycho neurological asylum in Yazovki village was also happy to have a building team from Co. Offaly, Ireland. We have already informed you on that in details here.

And one last bit of news on the volunteer groups. Cherven children’s orphanage has opened their doors to a group of young people from different countries – Belarus, China, Northern Ireland, Germany, Spain, Malaysia, that temporary live or study in Minsk. The idea belongs to Simon Walsh – the Chernobyl Childern’s Trust director who has organized them to come and visit the orphanage and meet the children. The first visit was very impressive for all of them but some of them are coming back in May. Looking forward to it!

We say thank you very much from the bottom of our heart for your attention, help and your kind hearts. We are happy to have you!

First building week is over

First building week is over

The 5 lads from Co. Offaly, Ireland that came via Burren Chernobyl project to give a hand on a building project – House for independent living – made a fantastic start!

The volunteers have done an enormous job putting all the outside and inside walls together on the foundation. They were really fast and professional! And of course we say thanks a million on behalf of all involved into it!

By the time when next group of Irish volunteers come to Yazovki at the end of May, everything will be ready to do the roof!

Can’t wait to see the progress!

Well done to the lads! And hope to see you soon again!

Thank you very much again and again for your support!

First House for independent living!

A major project is underway in Yazovki Adult Institution as the building of a house for independent 
living gets underway. The project is the idea of Edel Smith from Doonbeg and she has been very busy 
over the past while fund-raising for the project.
Yuri Kruk, who is a building coordinator on the Belarusian side, has got everything organised over the winter – the foundations went down before 
the winter arrived – and now he has the blocks and materials in place as we await the arrival of the 
Gang from Offaly to come and do the blockwork.
On April 9th
now on site and tearing into the work.
 the Offaly Five arrived ready and eager for work. Noel, Jimmy, James, David and Pat are now on site and tearing into the work.
Vova who lives in Yazovki is ready and willing to help the Offaly lads when they arrive!
Another group of men are planning to come on May 22nd
lads to get the walls up in the next week and have the structure in place by then.
We will keep you posted on the progress!
By Liam O'Meara


Most recent news

So the “hot season” returns to our lives! First Burren Chernobyl Project volunteers opened the year in Gorodishce children’s orphanage in March having spent a wonderful week with the children and young adults.

First Irish volunteers are expected also in Cherven children’s orphanage this Sunday!

We also got a humanitarian aid truck from Ireland this week that is going through the procedure of registration in the Department of Humanitarian Aid. The results of the distribution regarding this Aid will be displayed in our REPORT section as well as other operations. By the way brand new information is to be found here.

And as always more detailed information on new projects and the work of our volunteers you can find on pages of our website. 

Report 2014

Volunteers of our partners – Burren Chernobyl Project and Chernobyl Children’s Trust provided the following help during 2014: 

Burren Chernobyl Project volunteers:

1)  Gorodische orphanage for children with special needs

Number of volunteers who visited the orphanage  - 89  people

Purchased goods on the territory of the Republic of Belarus at the total amount – 174 568 593  rubles. 

2) Cherven orphanage for children and young adults with special needs

 Number of volunteers who visited the orphanage  – 28  people.

Purchased goods on the territory of the Republic of Belarus at the total amount -142 986 470 rubles.

3) Cherven psycho neurological asylum, village Yazovki.

At the moment Burren Chernobyl Project volunteers work on the independent living house with supervision, at present the cost of the works and materials make – 864000000 rubles. Full report on the expenses will be provided when the project is finished. 

Chernobyl  Children`s Trust volunteers

Purchased for Stolbtsy psycho neurological asylumvillage Kul goods at the total amount of - 5 539 050 rubles

-for  Elsk social service centre, goods at the total amount of 6 519 100 rubles.

-Humanitarian aid delivered for Bobruisk association “Semia” (“Family”),

Gomel Organization «White dove»Dribin social service station and Slutsk baby orphanage got aid at the total amount -   950 278 500 rubles.

-Organized holidays for families from Gomel and Mogiliov regions who have special needs members in Children’s Republican health centre «Nadezhda», 46 people in total – 191 551 500 rubles.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Dear friends, partners, sponsors, volunteers and all!

We wish you Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

Thanks to you for all you and people of Ireland do for people of Belarus!

May this day be merry and full of only pleasant events and moments!


Dobra tut Fund

We thank Gerasimenko A.V.

Fund is saying thanks to Gerasimenko A.V., Gomel, for transferring 100 000 BLR on our account. 

Thank you very much for support and understanding! This money are going to be spent on seeds for gardens of the orphanages. More detailed report on purchases and distributions is to be found here a little later!

We thank you once again!

Dear friends, we appreciate your every contribution. Fundrasing for seeds is still on!

Let’s help orphanages’ gardens!

Dear friends,

We are asking for your help again.


The spring has come and it means that the institutions are getting ready to start their agricultural life. The orphanages that we support have their own gardens and green houses where workers and residents work closely together to crop vegetables for themselves. Most of them grow vegetables for the whole winter! Also this kind of work for the residents is not only pure labor but also a possibility to feel needed and busy.

That’s why we ask for your support in purchasing vegetable seeds suck as:







-beans, etc

 For our friends in different asylums – Stolbtsy (Kul village), Cherven, Yazovki, Svir, Gorodische and others.

We have already got some money on our account for that, but it’s not enough unfortunately. The government budget is also very short. Thus we hope for you!

We would gladly welcome any support! Thanks a million in advance! 

A present for Unit 6

Dear friends, we are happy to inform that the microwave oven for the children from Unit 6 in Cherven children’s orphanage is purchased and successfully delivered. From the bottom of our hearts we thank Nina Shydlouskaya for her quick response to our request and for providing funds to purchase an oven for the children who are on special feeding programme. We are also attaching the photographs of the oven itself and the invoice. The rest of the money that was put on our charity account is going to be used to get seeds for orphanages’ gardens and greenhouses. You will find information on that in our further reports.

Nina, thank you so much for your kindness and tenderness and selfless heart! We wish you and your family lots of happiness and wellbeing! 

Merry Christmas and Happy 2014 Year!

Dearest friends,

It hard to believe that another year has passed by. And we are here again celebrating Christmas and about to greet a new year.

It was a really wonderful time, many things have been finished and a lot more have been started. Lots achieved. We have tried hard to support as many people as possible. And surely we are hoping to do more.

So today we would love to thank all our friends from Ireland – Burren Chernobyl Project, Chernobyl Children’s Trust and all other charities that have been cooperating with us to support people of Belarus. We thank all volunteers and donators, we thank all those who was organizing fundraisers, who was helping with humanitarian aid trucks, who was donating, who came over to Belarus to various orphanages and institutions, who have brought new ideas and started new projects. We know that life isn’t easy anymore, so that why we thank you twice for what you do for Belarus.

Thanks a million to all of you.

We wish you, and your wonderful families Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We send you all our love and warmth of our hearts.

Looking forward to seeing or hearing from you soon.

Always yours,

“Dobra tut” Charity

First church on the territory of an asylum

Today is a significant day for many people. The first church, that has ever been built on site of an asylum, was blessed by higher clergy of our country. Today the church opened its doors to the most important congregation – people living in the Cherven psycho neurological asylum, village Yazovki, Minsk region, and also for the people from the nearest villages.

This is a true miracle, that the idea that appeared in the head of the asylum director 3 years ago found response in the hearts of many people. Way to creation of the church was long and arduous. Nearly everybody was involved into fundraising money, materials and decoration. And nearly everybody worked. Local companies, and organizations, as well as the workers from the asylum and the residents themselves made their contribution. Our Fund has also supported the church. Having opened on our website a special project, we managed to fundraise some money and attract volunteers who helped my building and inner décor works.

And today we are happy to say thanks on behalf of the residents of this asylum to those who were taking active part in this project, to those who were donating money, who were helping to work, to those who were involved because they knew how important the spiritual support was. A special gratitude we would like to express to archbishop Veniamin, father Valerian (Smilovichi), brother Alexei who has done all the décor, archpriest Alexandr, Cherven, and all the other cleric people who took part in the whole event.

This was a very special day. Today we brought grace with us that we’ve obtained in this special place and that will remain in our hearts and in the hearts of those who have been at a miraculous event.

Help from wonderful people

Today we have brought to Cherven children’s orphanage some boxes and packs of clothes, toys and CDs, that we have got from Anna Trubachova, Alexandr Zhdanovich and Olga Ermakova recently. The things are going to be accounted and distributed around the Units.

And we say thank you very much and wish you all the very best on behalf of the children!

Thanks a million!!!

Charity Fund "Dobra tut" is the organization whose main priority is to support financially and materially some of the orphanages in Belarus and also involve volunteers into work with the children and adults.

You can support our projects by transferring money to our account, or become a volunteer and help the children and adults directly. On our website we provide you with the full report on the work of our Fund.

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