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Rehab for Masha Zhuk

Dear friends, the family of a lovely girl Masha Zhuk, born in 2000, applied to us looking for some help.

That's what her parents wrote:

"In 2002 Masha was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, moderate lower limbs spastic paraparesis and hips dislocation.

The girl went through several complex operations to fix hips dislocation, but the difference in leg length was quite large. After several successful Rehabilitation courses in Truskavets and Warsaw, the difference was reduced to 0.6 cm.

   It was very hard, but Masha is a very diligent and hard-working girl. She has good chances of recovery. Masha still has very weak back, that’s why she finds it hard to move. The next course of treatment is scheduled for November 28, 2016.

   We ask all people to help us undergo the course of rehabilitation in clinic "OLINEK", Warsaw. PLEASE HELP US collect the required amount - 900 US dollars. "

Charity account is opened at JSC "Belarusbank" office No. 316 of branch 510 of ASB "Belarusbank" Address: Minsk, M.Tanka Str.,  34-2,  MFO 153001603 UNP 100633430

In Belarusian rubles: number 000045

(Transit account №3819382100008-specified for transfers from legal entities or for non Belarusbank customers)

In Russian Rubles: №000017

(Transit account №3819382103249-specified for transfers from legal entities or for non Belarusbank customers)

In US dollars: №000414

(Transit account №3819382103249-specified for transfers from legal entities or for non Belarusbank customers)

In Euro: №000012

(Transit account №3819382103249-specified for transfers from legal entities or for non Belarusbank customers)

Purpose of payment:  in the name of Elena Zhuk for the treatment and rehabilitation of daughter Maria Zhuk.


Electronic purse Easypay: 44679613

Electronic purse WebMoney:

Z411909036863 US dollars WMZ

R690532546051 Russian ruble WMR

It is possible to top up the balance of MTS +375333048297

Home address: 220035, Minsk Pobediteley d.43 k.2 kv.86


+375291998558 Mather Elena Zhuk

+375296120335 Father  Pavel Zhuk

Thank you so much for all your support!

Fundrasing for Varya Stashevskaya prolonged


In April, we posted information about Varya Staszevskaya. The girl needed assessment in Israel. More detailed story can be found here. The family was unable to collect the required amount, so they made a decision to prolong the fundrasing.
To the previous banking details they added new means of collecting money:
EasyPay: № 20704518
MTS Belarus: +375 33 671 53 73 executed on Davydov SA
Map BBK: 4255 2005 7774 5672 Valid until 03/19
Russian props: Map Savings Bank of the Russian Federation 4276 8450 1101 4088 Recipient Vlasov Margarita (Russian volunteers)
BEELINE RUSSIA +7 909 221-77-18
MTS RUSSIA: +7 915 4299665
KIWI purse: +79154299665
Yandex Money: №410011829676594
B362147008659 -Belarusian rubles
R389147790069 -Russian rubles
Z391150365233-US Dollars
U167258283227 - Ukrainian hryvnia
E910381695119 -Euro
Privatbank card No: 5167 9872 0079 6601
Thank you very much to all caring people !!!

A journey to "Joy" galaxy

This summer brought a lot of pleasant presents to the children of Gorodische children's orphanage, but the holidays in Minsk were no doubt the most memorable. The teacher, who accompanied the young adults recall this happy week:

"Once upon a time" - these words are familiar to everyone, because each of us once in their childhood was immersed in the world of fantastic adventures and fairy tales. About one of these adventures I’d like to tell you now. It began like this. In July Charity Foundation "Dobra tut" invited children from Gorodishche orphanage to Minsk for a one week holiday. And our fantastic adventure, otherwise it cannot be named, has begun! And we called it the "Joy"galaxy.

Our journey through the "Joy" galaxy started with the planet "Pets". On this planet we saw beasts that the children haven’t seen before. We got into the atmosphere of Africa, found out who lived in Terrariums and aquariums. The kids were particularly impressed by the Dino Park with dinosaurs, who can sing and dance. In a blink of an eye, we got to the planet "3D", having magic glasses on we hit the "Ice Age". Fascinating cartoon gave us a lot of positive emotions, laughter and good humor. The next morning we started as usual with a visit to the palnet of "yummies", please note, that this planet we visited more than six times a day. The boys and girls liked this planet very much, as the greatest cooks Tatiana and Teresa cooked their favorite meal and the children ate everything they were prepared with a huge appetite. Traveling on, we found ourselves at the fascinating planet called "Happiness" as it turned out, this planet was the best in the galaxy! Interesting carousel, swings, breathtaking rides brought a surge of new emotions of joy and unforgettable sensations. The kids loved to fly on the fabulous swan, flying saucers, daisy rides, whirled in a waltz, took a ride up on the Ferris wheel to see Minsk from above. “Amusement Park is so cool”, say the children! We flew from one planet to another with the speed of light, and all because of the skillful and cleaver commander Tamara, who was doing her best to make sure we visited as much as possible in various places of interest. And here we were at the «Magic-show», where we met by a true magician Kostya. Kostya took boys’ breaths away with variety of tricks and magic, girls' with dancing and gifts. He also introduced the kids with the magic rabbit and a talking parrot, and also set up a soap bubbles show. Many thanks to Kostya The Magician for the professionalism and dedication in organizing the show for the kids! Next we visited planet "Friendship", where we met new friends, who taught us to play with salty dough and molded little turtles. The atmosphere was good, warm. Love and friendship did not leave us for a moment. And it will remain in the hearts of children forever. Then we went to travel by boat, took a bike ride through the park, we also wandered into a fairy-tale of the botanical garden and greenhouses. A children's railway was the best entertainment  for our children! “That would be great if we could do it too!” said the kids after seeing such a young conductor on the train. We’ve been almost everywhere! But time flew by very quickly, and there was time to leave, which is always sad. As always, there were in tears ...

 I could not help but share their impressions of our unforgettable visit to Minsk, which gave the children a lot of positive moments, energy, joy and new experiences, optimism and faith in their own strength.

I want to thank and say a lot of warm words to all the volunteers of "Barren Chernobyl Project" for the opportunity to make such a fantastic trip. Thank you for trying to make the world of our children a better place. Your kindness and generosity know no limits. You bring and multiply peace, goodness, love, warm-heartedness  in everyone who is in need. This what I see in Gorodische orphanage were I work. I can see how much you are giving yourself the children, how you  organize their holidays, birthdays, various excursions, and give them a lot of attention that they need. Looking at you, everyone gets filled in with positive energy, and that what makes you be better, do better and bring good all around. Once again, thank you very much for your selfless support and work. Let the kindness and generosity return to you multiplied a hundred times! We wish you all the best, good health and prosperity.

Elena Aleshkevich -teacher"

Путешествие в галактику "Радости"

Это лето подарило много приятных подарков детям Городищенского дома-интерната, но, пожалуй, самыми незабываемыми стали каникулы в Минске. Читать далее

Читать далее

Sergei's success and new hopes

Dear friends,

Our little friend Sergei Luschin keeps making a good progress. This October to December they plan another trip to China for the treatment. The family managed to save 6000$, thus out of 10000$ there is 4000$ left to fundraise (they've already got some help). 

We are asking everyone who can to support this brave fighter and help him have a better quality life! Many thanks in advance!

In belarusian rubles: №000024

(Transit account №3819382102020 - indicated only the transfer of funds by legal entities or of Belarusbank)

In US dollars: №000022

(Transit account №3819382105027 - indicated only the transfer of funds by legal entities or of Belarusbank)

In russian rubles: №000015

(Transit account №3819382105027 - indicated only the transfer of funds by legal entities or of Belarusbank)

The euro: №000009

(Transit account №3819382105027 - indicated only the transfer of funds by legal entities or of Belarusbank)

Payment: In the name of Luschina Marina S. for treatment Luschin Sergei Alexandrovich

Easypay: 00360412

Home address:

211030 Vitebsk, Orsha Str. Proletarian, Building 4, Apartment 127

Luschina Marina S.


tel.: +375 33 611-59-27

Cherven meets new friends

We are very happy that this summer Cherven children's orphanage welcomed new friends. New friends are always great. Keelin O'Sullivan shares her impressions about the week spent with the children in Cherven. And we in our turn say thanks a million for that wonderful time, love and help that the girls gave the children!

"My experience in Cherven was more amazing than I could have ever imagined. From the moment I arrived until the evening I left I experienced pure happiness, love and fun. All units we visited were uniquely challenging but spending time with the different groups was so rewarding. After spending months planning and thinking about the trip I soon realised that all I really needed to do was be there with the children and young adults and have a good time.

I absolutely adored spending time in the multisensory room with the children from units five and six. These younger children were mostly confined to wheelchairs even though we soon found out that many of them could walk. Seeing a child come out of a wheelchair and be able to walk around, run, jump and play is completely indescribable. Being able to give these children attention and love and seeing them be so happy, playful and childlike was wonderful.

In the evenings we mostly stayed outside with the older units such as eight, nine and eleven. We spent hours face painting, drawing with chalk, dancing, playing tennis, football, Frisbee, and taking hundreds of pictures! Everyone loved having their picture taken and we were able to get photos developed and give them out which was really special. These groups also loved colouring and arts and crafts which we all did when it was raining or too late to be outside. One afternoon we took them to the cinema and for a disco. This was one of the highlights of my trip. Seeing all of them in their best clothes, so excited to be going out for an afternoon was so eye-opening. Something as simple as walking ten minutes into the town and going for a dance and a movie is so rare for these young adults that being able to take them was so incredible. We got everyone juice and some sweets which was also well received!

Spending time with the girls from unit three was also great! They loved getting their nails and make up done. We all had so much fun with that. We also spent time doing arts and crafts with them! I was really glad that we got to visit unit one, which is a palliative care unit. While most of these children are bedbound it was nice to be able to give them some attention, even if it was just blowing bubbles or just sitting beside them. Although we were only there for a week, I was grateful that we were able to visit most units.

My time in Cherven was so short but extremely rewarding. While I can’t deny that at times it was very difficult and sad, the happiness, fun and love were just overpowering and incredible. I hope to return to Cherven soon and spend much longer there. This trip wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing support all of us girls had for each other, being able to have a group of us was really beneficial and allowed us to be able to take more children to the multisensory room and be able to do more activities.  It’s so difficult to capture how amazing this trip was, you need to experience the children of Cherven to understand how life changing it really is."

Червень встречает новых друзей

Мы очень рады, что этим летом Червенский дом-интернат для особенных деток встречал новых друзей. Новые друзья - это всегда здорово. Своими впечатлениями о неделе, проведённой с детьми в Червене, делится с вами Килин Осалливан. А мы в свою очередь говорим спасибо за то чудесное время, которое девочки подарили детям, за их любовь и их помощь!

"Моя поездка в Червенский детский дом превзошла мои самые смелые ожидания. Каждая группа в интернате по-своему сложна, но время, проведённое с детьми, поистине бесценно.  Я долго планировала эту поездку и готовилась, но уже здесь поняла, что всё, что мне нужно было делать – это просто быть с детьми, играть и веселиться.

Больше всего мне нравилось проводить время с детьми из групп 5 и 6 в сенсорной комнате. Сначала, мы думали, что все дети прикованы к коляскам, но потом обнаружилось, что многие из них могут ходить. Поэтому мы старались как можно больше внимания уделять этим детям и по возможности больше гулять с ними. Ведь это так просто и здорово – играть с ними, быть рядом, любить их.

По вечерам мы в основном играли со старшими ребятами на улице. Мы рисовали мелом, танцевали, играли в теннис, футбол, фрисби, и без конца фотографировались! Очень здорово, что сразу можно было напечатать фотографии и раздать детям. Вечерами, когда шёл дождь, мы занимались с детьми прямо в группах – рисовали, играли, делали поделки. В один из дней мы организовали поход в кино и на дискотеку в местный кинотеатр. Это самый запоминающийся день из всей поездки. Ребята одели свои самые лучшие наряды, ведь для них это такое волнующее событие. Всего 10 минут ходьбы от интерната – а это уже другой мир. Всем ребятам мы купили угощения!

А ещё мы проводили много времени с девочками в группе №3! Им нравилось наводить красоту: красить ногти, подводить глаза. Но кроме этого, некоторые девочки настоящие мастерицы – видели бы вы их поделки! Неизгладимое впечатление на нас произвела группа №1, где большинство детей имеют очень тяжёлые заболевания и почти всё время проводят в постели. Но мы постарались уделить им немного внимания, поиграть, подуть мыльные пузыри и просто побыть рядом с ними. И хотя мы приехали только на неделю, мы смогли посетить почти все группы и познакомиться с большинством детей.

Наше время в Червене пролетело молниеносно. Иногда было невообразимо грустно, больно и трудно, но любовь преодолела всё. Я надеюсь в скорости снова приехать в Червень и провести там больше времени. Хочу сказать спасибо всем, кто был со мной в этой поездке, за вашу поддержку, за то, что мы смогли много сделать и организовать. Очень сложно описать все чувства и впечатления от поездки в Червень, но туда стоит съездить, чтобы понять насколько иной может быть жизнь."

Help Elya Kulchenko

Dear friends, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!

After carrying out a simple contracture dissection operation on the gluteal muscles, that the doctors in Minsk did improperly, Elya URGENTLY REQUIRES MULTIPLE multistage complex operations on the hip joint and pelvis. If the child is not treated as soon as possible the consequences will be irreversible. She will have total spine, chest and pelvis deformation, and later - severe pain, lungs deformity that will lead to life on a ventilation unit.

The child’s case is undertaken in Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, the bill is provided for 2 surgeries!!!

COST OF OPERATIONS is 63,000 dollars. 700-800 EURO for TRAVEL expenses, 3000 euro apartment rent - 3 days for inspection and 10 days after discharge from the hospital, 2000 euro for medications and unplanned expenses on clinic. We count on your support, prayers, kind words, information spread, and financial assistance. WITHOUT YOU WE CANNOT ACHIEVE THIS GOAL!

Charity accounts are opened in the CBU number 626 of "Belarusbank" – Maryina Gorka, Lenin Street, 27; UNP 100603596; MFO 153001601:

In Bel rubles: №000023 at the branch № 500

(Transit account №3819382126576 – is  indicated in cases if the funds transfer is performed by legal entities or from banks other than Belarusbank)

In US dollars: №000059 at the branch № 500

(Transit account №3819382126547 - is indicated in cases if the funds transfer is performed by legal entities or from banks other than Belarusbank)

In euro: №000011 at the branch № 500

(Transit account №3819382126547 - is indicated in cases if the funds transfer is performed by legal entities or from banks other than Belarusbank)

In Russian rubles: №000017 at the branch № 500

(Transit account №3819382126547- is indicated in cases if the funds transfer is performed by legal entities or from banks other than Belarusbank)

Payment: To be admitted to the charity account in the name of Natalia Kulchenko to treat her daughter Elina Kulchenko


B130270546655 - in Belarusian rubles

Z791720275276 - in dollars

E114921462808 - in euro

R142189281905 - in Russian rubles

U681627630221 - in UAH

EasyPay: 30959425

Yandex purse: 410011457986565

KIWI purse: 964-611-26-22


Home address:

Minsk, 220055, street Lyutsinskaya, 27, kv.60

Kulchenko Natalia Vladimirovna

Contact phone: +375291710114, Natalia.

Magic of Gorodische orphanage

A wonderful alchemical, magical thing happens when you visit the kids at the Gorodische Orphanage.

It's a slow burn kind of magic, that builds steady over the week and ends with feeling completely enriched for spending time with these amazing kids. And this time was no different, Martina Collins, Jo Quinlan and myself headed to the Gorodische Orphanage for a week over the end of July and first week of June.  We merged up with a fantastic group of University of Limerick students, and of course Laura Williams and Ruth Byrne -who are veteran volunteers.

Seeing the many improvements made at the orphanage since the last trip was fantastic - in particular the new verandas and the new airbeds for the bed-bound group.  Even meeting the new Mamas, who seemed genuinely happy to be with the kids, was just wonderful.

The week was fully jam packed with events. We were treated to a wonderful artistic performance by many of the children which was inspired by the colours of summer. And since the weather was so lovely, we had a volley ball game using water balloons.
A trip out to a small petting zoo brought many smiles and new experiences for both the kids and the volunteers, followed by a spin on some carnival rides, which created I'm sure many fond memories for the children.

Moments of sadness are always present on trips like these, especially when noticing the absence of those kids who passed away over the year, or spending time with children whose health seems to be going down hill - it's a horrible feeling not being able to take someone's pain or discomfort away. Despite the sad moments, love and laughter are never too far away. Simple things like blowing bubbles, colouring and playing ball bring so much joy to these kids, and that joy is absolutely infectious.

As always my favourite memories are those of spending time with the older children.  Discos, football, puzzles, making bracelets and putting on temporary tattoos are activities we do with them and even though we struggle to communicate with one another, they still have the uncanny ability to climb into your heart -  with in minutes!

I never fail to leave theses kids without a stronger awareness of everything I take for granted and  a greater sense of wonder and appreciation for their happy dispositions despite the challenges they face. They are like medicine for my soul and I'm grateful to each and every one of them.

-Olivia Bane

Магия Городищенского дома-интерната

Волшебство – это то, что происходит, когда вы приезжаете к детям в  Городищенский дом-интернат.

Это та магия, что устойчиво держится в течение недели и заканчивается чувством полного насыщения от проведённого времени с этими удивительными детьми. И эта поездка ничем не отличался, от предыдущих. Мартина Коллинз, Джо Куинлан и я направились в Городищенский детский дома на неделю с конца июня по начало июля. Там мы объединили наши усилия с группой студентов-волонтёров университета Лимерик и, конечно, Лорой Уильямс и Рут Байрн, которые уже давно считаются волонтёрами-ветеранами.

Мы отметили многочисленные улучшения, произошедшие в детском доме, со времён нашей последней поездки - в частности, это новые беседки, а главное - надувные матрасы для детей в лежачих группах. Появились и новые люди среди обслуживающего персонала, которые очень хорошо заботятся о детях, что для нас так важно.

Неделя была насыщена событиями. Нас пригласили поучаствовать в удивительном художественном представлении - цветы лета, организованном для детей и при участии детей. Погода была чудесная, и мы много времени проводили на улице, играя в разные игры.

Поездка в небольшой зоопарк принесла много радости, как детям, так и волонтёрам. Потом мы катались на аттракционах, что, несомненно, надолго запомниться детям.

Нам всегда очень тяжело и печально осознавать, что некоторые из детей, которых мы знали и любили, отошли в лучший мир. Это стало, к сожалению, неотъемлемой частью наших поездок. Но, несмотря на такие печальные моменты, любовь и смех никогда не покидают стены интерната. Такие простые вещи, как мыльные пузыри, краски и игры в мяч приносят столько радости детям, и эта радость невероятно заразна!

Я больше всего люблю проводить время в старших группах. Дискотеки, футбол, пазлы, изготовление браслетов и рисование временных татуировок – это то, чем мы обычно занимаем подростков и молодёжь. И, несмотря на огромный языковой барьер – эти дети обладают сверхъестественной способностью глубоко запасть в твоё сердце буквально за считанные минуты!

Я всегда уезжаю от этих замечательных детей с осознанием того, как много в жизни я принимаю как само собой разумеющееся. А эти дети, как лекарство для моей души, показывают, какими можно быть сильными, мудрыми и счастливыми даже в таких сложных жизненных условиях, и за это я благодарна всем и каждому.

-Оливия Бэйн

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