Report 2015


RecipientAmount, rublesAidDate
1Gorodische orphanage for children with special needs2 928 000fire equipment17.01.2015
2Gorodische orphanage for children with special needs5 000 000dish washer14.05.2015
3Borisov psycho neurological asylum, village Tarasiki30 102 280humanitarian aid01.06.2015
4Cherven psycho neurological asylum, village Yazovki173 920 760humanitarian aid04.06.2015
5Social service centre of Zavodskoi district, Minsk66 929 200humanitarian aid03.06.2015
6Ushachi social service centre27 199 900humanitarian aid17.06.2015
7Smolevichi social service centre62 361 520humanitarian aid11.06.2015
8Gorodische orphanage for children with special needs17 340 303nappies26.06.2015
9Gorodische orphanage for children with special needs4 045 560Building materials02.07.2015
10Rakov psycho- neurological asylum7 681 407nappies08.10.2015
11Starodorozhskyi social service centre 11 571 925nappies26.10.2015
12Logoisk asylum for elderly people and special needs people7 681 407nappies04.11.2015
13Gorodische orphanage for children with special needs3 175 723nappies04.11.2015
14Ushachi social service centre8 360 000drying machine24.11.2015

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