Report on 2013


#ForSum, BYRNeedDate
1Dribin social service centre 82 579 200nappies, soap, clothes12.02.2013
2Stolbtsy psycho-neurological asylum, village Kul87 975 000nappies, clothes, footwear13.02.2013
3Svir psycho-neurological asylum62 169 000nappies, clothes, footwear13.02.2013
4Rakov psycho-neurological asylum62 169 000 nappies, clothes, footwear14.02.2013
5Gomel regional charity organization «White dove over Chernobyl»116 009 700 beds, nappies, clothes, washing powder15.02.2013
6Primary organization of Zavodskoi district “BelAPDIiMI”, Minsk65 922 600 beds, clothes, washing powder, soap, toys, footwear, pillows19.02.2013
7Cherven psycho-neurological asylum52 538 670 nappies, clothes, footwear, gloves19.02.2013
8Gorodische orphanage for children with special needs2 408 064 machinery disc, junction box, mounting 26.02.2013
9Cherven psycho-neurological asylum 2 124 030 medical mat05.03.2013
10Kossovo psycho-neurological asylum11 478 994 nappies 22.03.2013
11Rakov psycho-neurological asylum38 045 370Nappies, bed linen, clothes, footwear, blankets29.05.2013
12Gorodische orphanage for children with special needs22 781 317 nappies30.05.2013
13Republican social organization «Association of special needs people»18 639 060Clothes, footwear03.06.2013
14Smolevichi social service centre37 160 475Clothes, footwear, hygiene means, crutches, walking aid, wheelchairs03.06.2013
15Starodorozhskyi psycho neurological asylum42 914 850Clothes, bed linen, blankets, nappies05.06.2013
16Pukhovichi social service centre11 063 745Clothes, footwear, crutches, walking aid07.06.2013
17Cherven social service centre68 970 660Clothes, footwear, hygiene means, crutches, walking aid, wheelchairs10.06.2013
18Cherven psycho-neurological asylum41 145 060 Nappies, clothes, footwear14.06.2013

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