Summer 2017 in Gorodische

Those who are familiar with the work that we do, probably heard that this summer was one of the busiest in the history of our cooperation with Gorodische children’s orphanage. Groups of Burren Chernobyl Project volunteers and individuals kept coming non-stop to the children in that place. What a happy time!!!

Big groups like those at the beginning of the summer that would have about 22 people at the same time, or small groups of just a few, or long staying volunteers like Laura Williams, or Rosie Byrne - they all brought lots of love and happiness and laughter to the children. People kept coming mainly for a week or so, but one by one. Roche ladies were followed by another large group of 14 volunteers, and they all shared unforgettable moments with the children and young adults. There have been really a lot of help and a lot of people! We may not have mentioned all the names, but we sincerely from the bottom of our hearts say thank you very much for your love, care, compassion, time and efforts to make a difference to the lives of the abandoned children of Belarus!

We hope to see you again at some stage and you know that you are always welcome!!! Keep spreading the word and hopefully together we can make these children feel like they have a real family!


Yours Dobra Tut


Summer 2017 in Gorodische
Summer 2017 in Gorodische


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