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Gorodische-Cherven team

Every year dozens of Burren Chernobyl Project volunteers travel to Belarus with our Fund to visit our children. And in most cases they have to choose between the two orphanages we are involved very closely – Cherven or Gorodische. This is not an easy task, so some of them try and make it for the two of them together.

“It was hard to pick, so we decided to do both”, says Mairead, one of our new-comers. It was her first visit, as well as JP’s, Matthew’s, who came out for two weeks in August. With the strong support of Maria Carr, one of our very dedicated volunteer, they made it all brilliantly. The first week, the group was bigger, including PJ, Michael who came only for 7 days, so they decided to visit Gorodische first.  Lots of fun, trips, parties, games filled in their days in the institution. The lads spent a lot of time with the children in beds, feeding them yogurts and just being around them, giving them their love. With the older ones, they did a trip to Baranovichi for an outing. And surely played a few football games.

After a part of the group left for Ireland on Sunday, Maria and the Co moved forward to Cherven, where they met most of the children in almost all units, visited the boys from the local community Pasha and Andrei, did trips to the cinema with the girls in the wheelchairs from unit 3 and the older boys and girls from units 8,9,11. The lads have a chance to see the adult asylum in Yazovki.

It was a fantastic time for both children and our volunteers. We thank them very much for their kind-heartedness, care and love. And we are looking forward to seeing you all again any time you are ready for us!!!

(more photos under the post!)


Gorodische-Cherven team
Gorodische-Cherven team
Gorodische-Cherven team
Gorodische-Cherven team
Gorodische-Cherven team
Gorodische-Cherven team


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