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Hard work done!

During two weeks from the 15th-29th of September work on the project “House for independent living” on the territory of Cherven psycho – neurological asylum was boiling! 2 groups of 13 volunteers – builders from “Roche pharmaceutical”, Ireland were working hard from early morning till late night. The lads were very lucky with the weather so they managed to do a lot:

- insolated the outside walls

- plastered the outside walls

- made the concrete floors with hydro-isolation

- plastered all the inside walls

- insolated the roof and slabbed all walls upstairs and the stairs

- slabbed the bathroom

- tiled the walls in the bathroom

- put partition upstairs for another bedroom

- plastered all joints on slabs upstairs

- slabbed and tiled the walls in the toilet

- tiled all the floor in the hall and the stairs

- did the suspended ceilings in all rooms downstairs


One can surely say that all the main work on the house is performed, and it’s not that much remained before the project will come to life and about 6 happy residents will move into the house from the asylum and start their independent life!

From the bottom of our hearts we thank our heroes: Tom, Fergus, Eoin, Fergal, Eamon, Nikkie, Donal, Eddie, John, Frenkie, Joe, Matrin, Willie – thank you very much indeed changing life of our people who need it most for the better!

We miss you and look forward to seeing you angain!

We also say a very special thanks to Edel Smith and her organization for being the main sponsor of this fabulous project! This is an enormous contribution into major changes! Thanks to everyone!


Hard work done!
Hard work done!
Hard work done!
Hard work done!
Hard work done!
Hard work done!
Hard work done!


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