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Some exciting Gorodische news

 First of all, our dear friends, we must apologize for the long radio silence. But we believe you understand that during this pandemic era there isn’t that much happening in the life of the Charity.

We still experience some difficulties in welcoming volunteers from Ireland due to some restrictions, so there is not that much to share in terms of the news. And yet, some positive moments still appear in the lives of the institutions we look after.

Today we are happy to share the updates from Gorodische children’s orphanage, where there has recently been some renovation going on.

The residential area where the children sleep enjoyed some doing up: the wallpaper has been changed and the paint upgraded, all due to the financial support of our amazing Burren Chernobyl Project volunteers. Plus, the most necessary equipment for blending the food for the children who experience problems with swallowing was purchased also with the help of BCP.

In the time of lack of volunteers, we always try to support the orphanages as much as we can, looking forward to the time when we can all reunite again and spend time together. For now, we will keep updating you on everything that we is happening with our projects.

Again many thanks to everybody who has been donating towards our children and adults! You are the best!


Dobra tut

P.S. More photos are below!


Some exciting Gorodische news
Some exciting Gorodische news


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