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Only good winter news

Yes, friends, even though our winter turned out to be incredibly quiet, it still does not mean that we have no good news.
Our wonderful Irish volunteers come up with the most incredible and inventive ways to bring joy into the lives of children and adults living in Belarusian institutions. Parcels, humanitarian aid, personal gifts for children and employees of Gorodishche children's orphanage, all this somehow brightens up the time while they all wait for the end of the quarantine. 
Cherven children's orphanage was also supported by all means. During this winter time Barren Chernobyl Project and Simon Walsh of Chernobyl Children's Trust donated towards purchase of medicines, mattresses, sanitary facilities. Sean Hegarty sent over 2 wheelchairs for Angelina and Anton, which we thank him for from the bottom of our hearts!
We all can't wait to come back to the orphanages to see the children and finally hug them. In the meantime, only rare photos are everything we can enjoy.
Looking forward to having you back, our beloved Irish and Belarusian friends!
In the meantime, take care of yourselves and your loved ones and stay safe!
Always yours,
Dobra Tut
by Alena Martsyanava 


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