Report 2017

In 2017 Gorodishche orphanage for children with special needs welcomed 104 Burren Chernobyl Project volunteers, who purchased goods at the total cost of 35223.92 Belarusian rubles. Volunteers also participated in the organization of entertainment, sports, gaming events, excursions and trips, and helped looking after the children in beds.


Cherven orphanage for children with special needs hosted 14 volunteers from the Burren Chernobyl Project and about 10 volunteers from Chernobyl Children's Trust. The volunteers purchased goods at the total cost of 25921.6 BYR. They organized entertainment for the children on site and trips to the cinema and into town at the total amount of 15350 Belarusian rubles.

In 2017 Chernobyl Children's Trust sent 38 volunteers to Belarus, as well as provided humanitarian aid to the organizations and institutions: “White Dove over Chernobyl”, Cherven Children’s orphanage, Special needs school in Zavodsky District of Minsk, Dribin Social service centre, Slutsk baby orphanage, and also purchased goods on the territory of the Republic of Belarus at the total amount of 6362 BYR, and 31997 euros. They also organized the rehabilitation for the children and young people with special needs from families  - 51 people -  in "Nadezhda" rest house. 



RecipientAmount, BYNAidDate
1Stolbtsy psycho- neurological asylum, village Kul6233,20Humanitarian aid16.01.2017
2Gorodische orphanage for children with special needs4476,00Humanitarian aid17.01.2017
3Dzerzhinsk Social Service centre4190,68Humanitarian aid20.01.2017
4Pukhovichi Social Service centre4170,32Humanitarian aid01.02.2017
5Brest Regional phychiatric hospital "Gorodische"2032,00Humanitarian aid02.02.2017
6Cherven orphanage for children and young adults with special needs"1950,90Humanitarian aid07.02.2017
7Berestovista Social Service centre4410,10Humanitarian aid13.02.2017
8Cherven psycho-neurological asylum, Yazovki4381,17Humanitarian aid22.02.2017
9Stolbtsy psycho- neurological asylum, village Kul2350,41Humanitarian aid27.04.2017
10Rakov psycho- neurological asylum903,00humanitarian aid10.05.2017
11Niesvizh social service centre5824,08Humanitarian aid12.05.2017
12Svir psycho- neurological asylum5826,24Humanitarian aid15.05.2017
13Cherikov social service centre7134,33Humanitarian aid17.05.2017
14Gorodische orphanage for children with special needs1734,39Humanitarian aid18.05.2017
15Starodorozhskyi psycho- neurological asylum8492,74Humanitarian aid19.05.2017
16Family with a speical needs child448,46Humanitarian aid22.05.2017
17Social service centre of Zavodskoi district, Minsk8237,22Humanitarian aid24.05.2017
18Brest Regional phychiatric hospital "Gorodische"2042,00Nappies25.05.2017
19Cherven psycho- neurological asylum, village Yazovki7972,47Humanitarian aid21.05.2017
20Stolbtsy psycho- neurological asylum, village Kul1796,29Humanitarian aid04.08.2017
21Stolbtsy psycho- neurological asylum, village Kul134,10Humanitarian aid14.08.2017
22Stolbtsy psycho- neurological asylum, village Kul1417,18Humanitarian aid21.08.2017
23Stolbtsy psycho- neurological asylum, village Kul554,08Kitchen furniture28.08.2017
24Cherven orphanage for children and young adults with special needs3249,56Humanitarian aid31.08.2017
25Korelichi social service centre6285,14Humanitarian aid05.09.2017
26Logoisk asylum for elderly people and special needs people7854,61Humanitarian aid06.09.2017
27Starodorozhskyi Social service centre5801,91Humanitarian aid13.09.2017
28Rakov psycho- neurological asylum6705,92Humanitarian aid13.09.2017
29Uzda social service centre5581,73Humanitarian aid14.09.2017
30Stolbtsy psycho- neurological asylum, village Kul2454,85Humanitarian aid19.09.2017
31Kopyl phycho-neurological asylum5688,79Humanitarian aid21.09.2017
32Kopyl social service centre1099,00Humanitarian aid22.09.2017
33Stolbtsy psycho- neurological asylum, village Kul27,90Nappies25.09.2017
34Gorodische orphanage for children with special needs4545,12Humanitarian aid26.09.2017
35Borisov psycho neurological asylum, village Tarasiki2478,22Humanitarian aid26.09.2017
36Primary organization of Zavodskoi district “BelAPDIiMI”, Minsk27,90Nappies25.09.2017
37Cherven psycho-neurological asylum, Yazovki village6770,94Humanitarian aid28.09.2017
38Gorodische orphanage for children with special needs6900,00Humanitarian aid28.09.2017
39Stolbtsy psycho- neurological asylum, village Kul687,34beeds, oven06.10.2017
40Stolbtsy psycho- neurological asylum, village Kul518,70arts and crafts material13.10.2017
41Stolbtsy psycho- neurological asylum, village Kul2294,58furniture17.10.2017
42Stolbtsy psycho- neurological asylum, village Kul166,74tap, sink, ironing board03.11.2017
43Stolbtsy psycho- neurological asylum, village Kul791,73workshop equipment03.11.2017
44Cherven orphanage for children and young adults with special needs6953,70Humanitarian aid15.12.2017
45Cherven psycho-neurological asylum, Yazovki8223,87Humanitarian aid15.12.2017
46Mosty district Social service centre8520,31Humanitarian aid19.12.2017
47Volozhin social service centre7790,71Humanitarian aid20.12.2017
48"Teplyi dom" social service centre, Smorgon7143,58Humanitarian aid20.12.2017
49Rakov psycho- neurological asylum7670,22Humanitarian aid20.12.2017
50Zelva district social service centre8936,41Humanitarian aid22.12.2017
51Brest Regional phychiatric hospital "Gorodische"3476,18Humanitarian aid27.12.2017
52Kletsk psycho-neurological asylumинтернат" 623,40Humanitarian aid27.12.2017
53Primary organization of Zavodskoi district “BelAPDIiMI”, Minsk18859,15Humanitarian aid29.12.2017

In September 2017, the Foundation also provided humanitarian to the families with special needs children and young adults at the total amount of 4,671.33 Belarusian rubles.

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