Another busy volunteer season is about to start but we would like to recall a few lovely moments from another season. The time spent with the amazing children in Belarusian orphanages is always a treasure, so we'd like to share it with you. Today it's memories of Elaine from Galway;
"During my trip to Gorodishche Orphanage a few summers ago, we got up to all sorts of fun and games with the children. One sunny day during our stay we decided to break out the face paints. The kids were a little apprehensive about getting their faces dirty. So we decided that they should practice on us first! After covering us head to toe in face paint and laughing hysterically at us some of them decided to let us paint their faces. It was such a great moment to see the looks on their faces when they saw that we had made them into little mice. They made little mouse hands and noises. So cute! It was defiantly a stand out moment for me from my trip to Belarus. Simplicity."


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