Christmas Fairy-tale

What would you do, what would you feel if you met your dream in real life? Of course, happiness! After all, the desire to be happy is perhaps most important and necessary for every person. Another chance to make dreams of our children in Gorodishche children’s orphanage come true was presented by "Dobra tut" Charity Foundation. A trip to Minsk for Christmas holidays - is it not a miracle!? Every child who has ever been in Minsk, either during the summer or on winter holidays, is dreaming to come here again and again. Each trip is unforgettable, especially around the New Year, when all dreams come true. Our kids live in this world with open hearts, with the desire to see something unusual and amazing, and they need most simple and most important things like attention, care, love. And suddenly it all comes together.

When everything around is covered in snow, and the frosty air promises miracles, then wonders happen! And our holidays in Minsk were absolutely wonderful. From the very first day Minsk met us solemnly, glittering with all possible colorful Christmas illuminations in the streets, in the windows of all the houses and shops. - "Utterless beauty!", - Said Misha. Then we were thrown into the world of mysterious adventures and entertainment. A visit to the Youth Theater, where we saw the play "Taras on Parnassus", a visit the Christmas festival Batleyka "Heaven", a visit to a master class of straw arts and making Christmas decorations. We also saw a brilliant performance in the circus, Christmas celebration with Grandfather Frost and his beloved granddaughter Sniegurochka, and surely with lots of presents. Harry Potter’s Chamber of Secrets is the true magic that can be touched. Chamber of Secrets is changing the gravity and space: giant chess, flying letters, live pictures, distorting mirrors, ice room, Hogwarts Express: - "Where else can you see something like that," - said Alina! More impressions and a sea of ​​emotions came from the visits to cinemas. We managed to see a comedy, a melodrama, and a cartoon! Life in Minsk is full of live impressions, interesting meetings with new friends, who specially for children have prepared a party with songs dances and games, where each of the kids got presents. Joy knows no limits, it’s like a holiday for the soul! That's what the children themselves say:

- "We're just the happiest company", said Masha

- "Fun, fun! Will remember it for a long time", said Misha

- "All the friends gathered together, what could be better" (Alina)

- "Tamara you're SUPER!" (Misha)

- "That was awesome fun" "(Vika)!

- "I enjoyed it, and circus and magician and pelmieni!" (Alina)

- "And I liked the biggest Christmas Tree and a gift!" (Vika)

Their happy smiles are probably the biggest thanks for everything!

Winter holidays are a wonderful time! Such a pity that they came to an end so fast, and we had to return home. But the brightest moments of well-spent time will remain in our dreams and will brighten everyday of our difficult life.

Happy people often say that their souls sing! From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank all the volunteers of Burren Chernobyl Project, who thanks to their caring hearts made a truly magical Christmas holiday for our children. We wish you a great happiness!

Kolushenkova Alena

Gorodische Children's orphanage teacher

Translated by Alena Martsyanava 

(Photos are under the post)


Christmas Fairy-tale
Christmas Fairy-tale
Christmas Fairy-tale
Christmas Fairy-tale
Christmas Fairy-tale
Christmas Fairy-tale
Christmas Fairy-tale


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