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Miracles for Christmas

We keep collecting good news bit by bit.

Today we want to tell the story of Vitya, a young man who spent a long time in Stolbtsy psycho – neurological asylum.

Vitya Zyl is one of the few “lucky ones” who had a chance to alter their lives. After all, not having a family, changing your place of residence in an institution for something less restricted, is something one can compare to a flight to the moon.

But Vitya was lucky and now he lives in an open-type establishment in Logoisk, where he has friends and even a girlfriend. The house in Logoisk is a place where you can go to work and have a fairly free access to the world. Were there no pandemic, everything would be fine. However, in the given epidemiological situation, it became very difficult to communicate with the world and not only.

So Vitya applied to us with a request for a computer, any type an old one, whatever there was, but only a working one. And fortunately, our wonderful volunteer from Minsk - Katya Shkor - found a solution right away. And now Vitya is a happy owner of a laptop, not new, of course, but he did not count on such a luxury!

There is no limit to Viti's happiness, because now he will be able to play games with his friends, and most importantly, make new acquaintances on social networks - after all, this is so valuable in the times of a new covid reality.

Katya, we send you a huge thank you and a deep bow from Vitya! You are truly amazing!

And we will continue to fill you in with our good news, although there isn’t so much happening these days, unfortunately.

Always yours,

Dobra tut

By Alena Martsyanava



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