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Volunteers memories about Cherven

While Gorodische children's orphanage is packed with Irish volunteers non stop, we cherish those few people who chose to come to Cherven orphanage instead and give their time and love to the children of Cherven orphanage. Today we recall the two sisters from Sligo, that have spent a week in June this year. Here is what one of them Aisling Molloy says:

"I have never been made to feel so welcome in my life as when we first arrived at the orphanage. All the children and young people greeted us with enthusiasm and big smiles. We spent two hours outside. The time flew and we had so much fun. We spent the time walking with different groups of children, playing table tennis and talking to them. Our lack of Russian did not hinder our communication with the children.


Another thing that struck me was how supportive and encouraging the children and young people in the orphanage were to each other. I witnessed this on many occasions. We went to the cinema with a group of sixty five and all the young people were given a bag of sweets. One girl - Olya - asked for an extra bag of sweets for her friend -Anton, who was unable to go to the cinema that day. This was lovely to see. Even though her friend missed the film, he still got sweets thanks to his friend.

On another occasion, we went for a picnic by the lake. The camaraderie between all the boys was evident as they played different games and showed us their break dancing skills".

Cherven orphanage is home for about 300 children, each one of whom is a treasure, we hope that we will see more people interested in coming over to those wonderful kids!

And we say thanks again to those who have already become friends with Cherven!


Volunteers memories about Cherven
Volunteers memories about Cherven
Volunteers memories about Cherven
Volunteers memories about Cherven
Volunteers memories about Cherven
Volunteers memories about Cherven


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