Keep calm, keep safe and keep helping

In this time of great uncertainty, we as the Charity keep doing as much as we can.

We understand the greatest responsibility, and the whole seriousness of the situation and we care even more. We say million thanks to everyone who keeps supporting the orphanages and asylums in Belarus, knowing that they are the most vulnerable people in this pandemic. And we keep going. We keep helping and sticking to the protection measurements. We keep caring and spreading love. All thanks to those people from Ireland and Belarus, who spread their love not only on their own family and friends, but also on our kids and adults in need!

Today we would like to share a small piece of news about delivering goods to Gorodische children’s orphanage. We have started delivering the humanitarian aid that came from Ireland in the last truck. The rest of the institutions will get help separately according to the safety measurements. The workers of the Fund will try their best to make sure everyone gets a bit of help these days.

Again and again, we thank people from Ireland, our Belarusian workers and everyone who is involved!!!

We will keep you updated. Stay safe and healthy

With our greatest love,

Dobra tut



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