What a nice company!

We were very happy to welcome our Sean Hegarty in Cherven again this June. After his short visit in April, he came back again for 2 weeks to put new seating systems in place and repair some of the used wheelchairs. There are always too many chairs, and not enough time. But he managed to do a great deal! And we are extremely grateful to him for his fantastic help!!! Sean also visited some families in the community to check the chairs used for the children and young adults with special needs. And as always worked till very late in the orphanage. And you can see the happy faces of the children!!! (in our album down below)

For the second week of Sean’s stay he was joined by the 2 lovely ladies from Ireland Mary and Martina, who came over to Cherven for the first time. The ladies made friends in Unit 6, took the children for walks in the garden, or for sessions in the sensory room, organized pizza parties in the local restaurant and the trip to the cinema. They also joined cooking sessions with the older lads. The time really flew, but we really enjoyed their company and hope that our friendship will stay strong and we will meet again next year!!!

Many thanks to all from the bottom of our hearts, and best wishes!!!


Dobra tut



What a nice company!
What a nice company!
What a nice company!
What a nice company!
What a nice company!
What a nice company!
What a nice company!


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