Международный день особенностей

Сегодня - Международный день людей с особенностями. Очень сложно говорить что-то в такой день. Очень сложно подбирать слова. Особенно, когда знаешь, как много таких людей не знают, что такое семья, не знают, что такое любовь. Когда их единственный дом - это интернат с сотнями таких же, как и они "особенными". 

Вот это и есть их жизнь:

Concert in Kyl


There was a concert up in Kyl today

And we’d like you all to know

That we set off at nine o’clock

To make it through the snow.


Then Pavil started off the show

His voice so loud and clear

And all throughout the crowded  hall

Five hundred  began to cheer.


Music, dancing and more songs

Then ladies who were blokes

And we laughed aloud the whole time long

At their very funny jokes.


But then a lady in the hall somewhere

Shouted out with a great big cry

‘Hurry up will ye, I want to eat

I think that I might die.’


But the show went on with lots of fun

With drama and with song

It ended all too soon for us

As we hadn’t been there so long.


Then the children that we knew

In Cherven when they were small

Came to meet us one by one

And  ask about us all.


They sent their love to our volunteers

The women and the men

And they all asked for the Rochevski guys

To please come back again!

By Liam O'Meara


Международный день особенностей
Международный день особенностей


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